What Is Research in Scientific Work


The research itself, which allegedly needs to be improved, is the work of the author. The person has:


This is research. And if a student, graduate student or any other https://www.paytowritepaper.com/ scientist has done this work with his own hands, then the research itself, as such, does not need to be improved. How can the erythrocyte count in the blood of cows at different stages of lactation be improved? How can monitoring of the real estate market and calculation of optimal buying conditions depending on the region be improved? 


The author did the work, studied a narrow issue. There is no need to improve the research itself. But here is their description. Because the work can have colossal scope and depth. But if you describe it incorrectly, everyone will think that the author, in fact, did nothing.


What should be described in the "Materials and Methods"


Oddly enough, it is materials and methods that are described in this section. In other words, what the https://www.paytowritepaper.com/term-paper/ took to work, and how did he work with it. For example, in the case of studying hemoglobin, the materials will be cows, blood, necessary reagents and equipment. Methods - a method of blood sampling, a mechanism for its study, ways to increase the indicators of interest to the author.


In the case of the study of the psychological aspects of children, the material is the specific institution, objects, toys or tests that you used. Methods is a description of the way of interacting with children to find out the aspects of behavior, mood, etc. of interest to the author.


In fact, the author describes in the section that he took this and that, did this and that with it, and got such and such a result. And the quality of the work itself and the level of the research itself depend on the quality of https://www.paytowritepaper.com/case-study/ description, its detail and accessibility to the reader. You cannot research anything sensible at all, but write in such a way that the article will have scientific value. And you can kill a year for research alone, but because of a bad description, the work will go down the drain.


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